Heavenly Profits

Our projects are attractive already in purely economic terms. Moreover, they also bring a holistic profit – a plus for the environment, health and peace on our planet. All ventures are based on dedication for the principles of social and environmental responsibility.
Silent and active participation obtains rising returns depending on the run-time.

Run-time 32 Months 40 Months60 Months Permanent
ROI4%5%6%6% + Full Profit Sharing
Everything is possible

Impact Investment Checklist

  • How much are you ready to allocate?
  • Do you favor supreme increase in value or quick results?
  • Do you prefer a project with highest growth options or a secure investment?
  • Do you have an industry preference such as agriculture, forestry, food, fashion, wellness or clean technology?
  • Besides of personal wealth which kind of impact do you want to achieve?

And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon, that when you fail, they may receive you into an everlasting home


All projects presented are intellectual property of EcoNet4.me – Fully fledged business plans will be provided after signing a non disclosure agreement. At the same time a fee of 5% or at least 15,000 € of the targeted investment volume will be billed. This will be fully credited as part of the share upon finalizing a participation contract. The minimum investment volume is 50,000 €. The agreed run-time begins after deposit of the entire investment and a grace period of 6 months. The corresponding yield will be disbursed as desired each 3rd, 6th or 12th month.